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Orlando Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is something of an outdated notion. The court now fully recognizes the need for both parents to have a loving, involved relationship with their child. Instead of determining a child custody arrangement, it is now included in the more holistic parenting plan. The parenting plan is just as it sounds, an agreement between the two parents as to how different aspects of parenting are to be handled, including parental responsibility regarding decision-making, as well as a time-sharing agreement that is more closely in-line with the typical idea of custody.

Parental responsibility is almost always a 50/50 split unless there are circumstances that lead the court to believe alternative arrangements should be made. One parent may be given the ability to make a final decision regarding major issues such as education and healthcare, either on an emergency basis, or when both parents are unable to come to an agreement.

Whether custody is being determined due to divorce proceedings, or due to unmarried parents, the process is relatively similar. If you need assistance with establishing paternity or gaining Father’s rights, that will need to be done prior to moving forward with the parenting plan.

Creating a Time-Sharing Agreement

Time sharing is the physical time that each parent gets to spend with their child. Every time sharing agreement is personalized to that particular family, as it has to take many different aspects of your life into consideration, such as the physical home environment of each parent, their jobs, the school schedules of children, extracurricular activities, and any other factors that may impact the final agreement.

If parents can amicably work together to create a working plan, then it is often passed through the courts with little interference from the assigned judge in your case. However, if the court believes that the plan you have created does not meet the parameters of being in the best interests of the child, they will formulate an alternative plan that you will be responsible for adhering to. Having an experienced, knowledgeable child custody attorney on your side can help you ensure that you have the best possible chances of winning the time you deserve with your children.

Orlando Child Custody Attorneys

Our goal is to find a solution that is both suitable and sustainable for your family. We set realistic expectations regarding this process and the potential results you can expect. We strive to lay a foundation that allows you to reduce future disagreements between Parents, ultimately providing a loving and safe environment for your children when with either parent.

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