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Orlando Child Visitation Attorneys

Child visitation arrangements are crucial in a divorce case and require careful consideration. Courts prioritize the child’s well-being and strive to ensure that both parents maintain a strong relationship with them. The ability of both parents to spend time with the child is essential for their overall development and happiness.Orlando Child Visitation Attorneys Divorce 300x200 1

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC, our Orlando, FL, child visitation lawyers are known for providing personalized and top-notch legal services for families facing such issues. Your designated lawyer will walk you through the state’s policies on child visitation, including how arrangements are decided, modified, or enforced. We’ll be able to offer expert advice and support based on your specific situation and desired outcome.

We understand the importance of maintaining healthy familial relationships and fostering your child’s development. Our team is committed to making the entire legal process stress-free for you. With our dedicated support, you can be confident in your defense in court and ensure the best possible outcome for you and your child.

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Typical Florida Child Visitation Arrangements

In Florida, child visitation arrangements are incorporated into the parenting plan’s time-sharing schedule. This plan outlines the specific dates allocated for each parent to spend time with their child, and it must be agreed upon during the settlement process before court approval.

Once the court reviews the parenting plan, they ensure that the time-sharing arrangement is in the child’s best interest and promotes parent-child solid relationships. It is also essential that both parties agree to the collection and that it aligns with their current circumstances.

Several schedules can be used for time-sharing arrangements, including equal time-sharing, majority/minority time-sharing schedules, and summer break/holiday schedules.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC, we provide personalized legal services to assist you in determining the best course of action for your specific case. We consider your schedule and circumstances and collaborate with your ex-spouse’s legal team to devise a time-sharing plan that meets your child’s needs. Additionally, we are skilled negotiators and can handle critical points of contention if your ex-spouse disagrees with your proposal.

Visitation for Grandparents, Relatives, and Third Parties

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In certain situations, child visitation rights may be granted to grandparents, relatives, or other vital third parties if it is deemed beneficial for the child or if there are issues with the child’s parents. However, the child’s parents or other concerned parties can contest these rights in court.

Grandparents can request visitation rights when both parents are alive, regardless of their marital status. The court may also grant visitation rights if one or both parents have abandoned the child. However, visitation rights are generally not given if one of the parents has passed away or if it is not in the child’s best interests. Visiting rights may be awarded to relatives and critical third parties if the court believes it will benefit the child, but these rights can be revoked at any time.

Obtaining visitation rights can be challenging for step-parents, as the child’s biological parents are often unwilling to permit it.

If a parent’s parental rights have been terminated or the child has been adopted, they will not be granted visitation rights. Previous guardians will also be restricted from requesting visitation rights.

If you are a grandparent, relative, or third party with a genuine interest in the child’s well-being, our Orlando, FL, child visitation lawyers can assess the possibility of you obtaining visitation rights. If your request has merit, we will help you present your case in court and fight for the best possible outcome while ensuring all parties agree with the court’s decision.

Child Visitation Modification

Once a parenting plan is approved, it may need to be modified over time to adapt to the child’s changing needs and the parents’ evolving circumstances. In Florida, there are guidelines that parents must follow if they wish to modify an existing parenting plan to reflect their current situation.

To initiate modifications to the parenting plan, parents must file a petition before the court, which will then assess whether the changes are necessary and appropriate based on the circumstances presented.

Some significant circumstances that may warrant a modification to the parenting plan include:

1. The child’s living conditions or environment becoming harmful.
2. One parent is not adhering to the current plan.
3. A parent being physically or mentally unfit to care for the child.
4. One parent is relocating to a new location.
5. One parent has a criminal record.
6. Changes in the child’s needs.
7. A parent is experiencing changes in employment that affect their time with the child.

In emergencies and extreme circumstances, the court may issue immediate changes to the time-sharing orders without a hearing if the child’s safety is at risk due to abuse or neglect.

Our Orlando, FL, family law firm can help you determine the best modifications to your parenting plan to suit your current circumstances. We will file the necessary paperwork with the court and ensure the other party knows the requested changes. If you are the other parent and want to contest the modifications, we can present the appropriate evidence to challenge the proposed changes.

Visitation Enforcement

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In cases where one party is unwilling to follow a court-ordered parenting plan and denies visitation without valid reasons, the Florida Statutes provide guidelines to address these issues and ensure appropriate penalties for violations.

Suppose a parent refuses to adhere to the time-sharing agreement specified in the parenting plan without a valid justification. In that case, the Court may grant the non-violating parent and the child more time together. Additionally, depending on the case’s specific circumstances, the court may impose penalties such as legal restitution, community service, or contempt charges against the parent who violated the plan. These penalties can also be applied if the violating parent is the one who has custody of the child.

You can rely on our Orlando, FL, child visitation lawyers at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC to help you with your child visitation arrangement and report any violations in court. We will be your legal representative during the hearing and strive to resolve your case best.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Child Visitation Lawyer

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Don’t let your divorce negatively impact your children’s relationship with both parents. There’s a way to ensure that they still have access to both parents despite the changes in your situation. During the divorce proceedings, you can work with your ex-spouse to arrange a child visitation schedule that allows your child ample time with both of you.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC, our child visitation lawyers are here to help. We will collaborate with your ex-spouse’s legal team to create the best child visitation arrangement for everyone involved. Our goal is to ensure that both parties follow through with the agreement. If any modifications are needed in the future, we will handle them efficiently. In case any issues arise, we will make sure to keep the visitation arrangement going.

Please don’t worry- the child visitation agreement we help you establish will prioritize your child’s needs and best interests. We aim to maintain a strong and healthy relationship between you and your child, regardless of circumstances.

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