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Orlando Father’s Rights Attorney

Are you an unmarried father or father facing divorce/separation? Are you concerned about your continued ability to build a loving, supportive relationship with your child or children? At Grigaltichik & Galustov, P.A., we fight for father’s rights!

It is every child’s right to have the love and support of both parents, whether they are married or not. The courts now recognize the value of having two supportive parents and are more likely to provide fathers with rights of access than ever before. With customized advice specific to your unique situation, our paternity lawyers are smart, flexible, and ready to fight for you.

We assist you with keeping your rights, or with gaining them for the first time if you were never married to the child’s mother. The process will vary based on your specific needs, desires, and current relationship with the child and the mother. We provide a clear plan for your case upfront, so you have a firm understanding of the steps and hurdles before you. We then provide assistance throughout every stage, building a picture that shows how the child or children will have a better life because you are a part of it.

Paternal rights are important. A good relationship with your children will help them to form healthier relationships in their own life, which is why fighting for your relationship is worth it. At Grigaltchik & Galustov, we are qualified, experienced, and dedicated father’s rights attorneys who will ensure that you remain a part of your child’s life.

Best Interests of Your Child

In any and all custody cases, the courts sole focus in on creating a solution that is in the best interests of the child. We help the courts to understand what you bring to the table, and provide evidence that you are at least equally capable of caring and providing for your child as the mother.

We will work to establish the following:

  • That you can provide a dependable home where your child is comfortable and safe
  • That you have, or desire to build, a nurturing, supportive relationship where you put your child’s needs first
  • That you have or want an active involvement in the child’s personal interests, such as school, friendships, sports, and other activities
  • The ability to financially support your child’s basic needs
  • That you will serve as a positive influence on the child as they grow and develop

The court wants to see that placing the child in your care will be a benefit to the child. Not only will you provide a safe environment, but will support them in their goals and interests. If they do not find evidence that you can have a positive impact on the child’s life, or believe that you will negatively impact the child, then the court has the right to limit your access.

Think Your Case is Hopeless?

Some fathers may have struggled in the past with providing a safe home, but through rehabilitation or life changes now feel confident and ready to start providing the loving support their child deserves. We will assist you in providing evidence of the personal growth you have done, and show proof that you are now in a supportive environment where both you and the child can excel.

Regardless of your history, we provide supporting evidence to the courts of your ability to successfully provide for your child in a healthy, loving, and supportive way. Call Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A. at (407) 501-6679 to regain the relationship you deserve!

Unmarried Fathers in Orlando

In Orlando, unmarried fathers do not have inherent rights to their child. When a child is born to an unmarried mother, she is assumed to be solely responsible for that child, meaning she is the only one with any rights or responsibilities regarding time, access, and decision making on the child’s behalf. This means that an unmarried father will have some additional hurdles before he can obtain equal rights regarding his child.

First, paternity must be established. If you are present when the child is born, signing the birth certificate is often enough to prove that you are accepting your role as the father, and claiming that this child is yours. This is often sufficient evidence of paternity unless there is some other reason to believe that you are not the father. Typically, paternity testing will then be done to prove biological paternity, if it is in question.

Establishing paternity will only provide you with support responsibilities, it does not provide you with any other rights of access or decision-making. These would be handled through a parenting plan, similar to what is done during a child custody hearing following divorce.

The Parenting Plan

When two parents are no longer married, or were never married, then a plan of care must be established for the children. This is a document, filed and enforceable through the court system, which outlines each parents rights and responsibilities regarding time-sharing, support, and decision-making.

Both parents will be held to this plan, and you have recourse if the plan is not upheld by the other parent, through filing a motion of contempt. In these cases, contempt is typically due to one parent restricting access to your shared child, but can also be related to other parts of the parenting plan, such as relocating the child without permission or making healthcare decisions without the other parent.

Whatever you do, never try to bring your child into an argument, or speak discouragingly of the other parent around them. In several Florida counties, there are standing orders that warn against bringing children into adult matters. Alienating your child from the other parent only makes you look bad, and may result in changes to the parenting plan that are not to your benefit.

Representing Father’s Rights in Orlando

When you need an Orlando, FL father’s rights lawyer dedicated to protecting your relationship with your child, contact Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A.

We handle all legal matters associated with father’s rights, including paternity, time-sharing, decision-making, support, and more.

Call Grigaltchik & Galustov at (407) 501-6679 today for a Free Phone Consultation with a Father’s Rights Attorney.