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Orlando Parental Relocation

After a divorce, some individuals may consider relocating to a new place with their children as a fresh start. Relocation offers the chance to leave behind reminders of the past and explore new opportunities. However, relocating may not be straightforward if you have a parenting plan in place, as it requires the approval of the non-relocating party and the court.Orlando Parental Relocation child relocation 300x200

In Orlando, FL, the court emphasizes the active involvement of both parents in their children’s lives even after divorce, which is why parenting plans are established during divorce proceedings and include provisions for relocation. The court must be informed about any proposed relocation and grant approval accordingly.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC, our Orlando child relocation lawyers provide personalized legal services tailored to your unique situation. We work to help you achieve your desired outcome and provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions. Throughout the process, we prioritize your child’s best interests and aim to strengthen your familial relationship with them, regardless of the relocation decision.

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Definition of Relocation in Florida

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In Florida, child relocation refers to a change in the primary residence of a child from their current principal residence, as specified in the original time-sharing plan or the filing made during the establishment or modification of a time-sharing plan. For the relocation to be considered, the new residence must be at least 50 miles away from the original residence, and the custodial parent intends to live there for more than 60 days, taking the child along.

If one parent plans to relocate, the parents who are currently following a time-sharing or parenting plan can either agree to the relocation through an agreement or seek a court order to address the matter.

The Other Parent Wishes to Relocate with Your Child

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If the other parent currently has primary residential custody of the child, they have the same rights and limitations as you do regarding child relocation. If they wish to move beyond the approved distance specified by local laws, they must seek permission from the court to take the child with them when they relocate.

It’s essential to understand that even though they have primary residential custody, it doesn’t guarantee approval for relocation. The court will consider various factors, such as the child’s current living conditions, education, and involvement, as well as the opportunities available after the proposed move. If the other parent wants to relocate, and you believe it wouldn’t be in the child’s best interests, you should consult an experienced Child Relocation Attorney. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC can assist you in building a case for why the child should not relocate and may be able to advocate for your primary residential custody.

Call for a Consultation with an Experienced Child Relocation Lawyer

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Divorce is undoubtedly challenging, and starting anew in a new place with your child may offer some relief. However, such a significant step comes with legal implications, especially if the other parent objects to the new arrangement.

Before making relocation plans or if you want to explore legal options to prevent the move, contact one of our lawyers at our Orlando, FL family law firm. We will review your relocation plans and potential challenges before providing you with legal advice on how to resolve them. We can also assist the other parent in reaching a visitation arrangement that works for them while maintaining a strong bond with the child. If you are the other parent facing inconvenience due to the move, let us know, and we will offer you legal options to consider. Our legal team is always prepared to assist and help resolve the case with minimal complications.

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